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    • January 23
      - Catholic Schools
      When Ethan and Ellie's mom told them the family could no longer afford Catholic school, the students literally went to work to help fund their education. Between their initiative and effort and financial assistance from the Champions of Education Fund, the family has been able to continue their journey in Catholic school. Watch and learn more about them and other families that benefit from the Champions of Education Fund.
    • January 22
      - Archbishop Gregory Aymond
      To directly address the harms of pornography and to provide resources to support and protect individuals, marriages and families in overcoming pornography and making their homes safe, I am asking all parishes to celebrate, for the first time, “Safe Haven Sunday” beginning with the first Sunday of Lent (Feb. 17-18).
    • January 22
      - Clarion Herald
    • January 22
      - Communications
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